At its core, science is about storytelling. Outside the lab, I’ve been lucky enough to write stories about science for general audiences for various outlets around the Internet. Check them out here:

Massive Science Consortium

Do you anger easily at dusk? So do most other people (and mice)

UW Sleep & Homelessness Project

Participant Profile: Searching for a Home Bass

Participant Profile: All at Once

UW Scientists Advocating for Justice, Representation & Equality

We Are Scientists: Rapheal Williams

We Are Scientists: Professor Andrés Barria

Society for Neuroscience Conference 2017

Using calcium imaging to characterize neural circuit changes induced by deep brain stimulation

Poster and symposia highlights – the central amygdala and reward, a REM sleep switch and spiders with speedy clocks

Circadian clocks, metabolism and longevity

University of Arizona News

Ants May Have Reason to Be Anti-Work

New Medical Device Could Speed Diagnosis of Infections

Brain Parasite Not Your Typical Invader 

Land Animals Proliferate Faster Than Aquatic Counterparts

UA Professor Presents Developing Fraud Detection Technology to U.S. Congressional Committee

New Insights Into Drivers of Earth’s Ecosystems

Low Allergen Soybean Could Have High Impact

Breathing Life Into Art

UA Hosts Meeting on Environmental Health

UA-Led Study Resolves Reptilian Family Tree

Why Pi? It’s A History Lesson All Its Own

Laser Day Lights Up Young Crowd

Nasal Spray Could Help in Understanding Grief

Trilobites Were the First Arizonans

The Molecular Biology Behind ALS

Of Bugs and Brains

Two UA Scientists Give Extra Thought to the Brain

Viruses: Tiny Teachers of Biology

How Beetles Hack into Ant Colonies

A Little Halloween Love for Bats

A Wildcat Among the Wild’s Big Cats

4-H Students Have a Blastoff With UA-Designed Experiment

Using the Force: UA Police Officer Completes NASA Project

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